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Your child will stay active and smiling all summer long

Need a fun, active spot for your child when you can't be around this summer? Enroll in our Funshine Summer Express Program for your child's continued learning through hands-on activity and play.


Join the Funshine Summer Express today!

A summer full of fun, play and learning

Don't expect your child's development to fade in the summer months- our summer programs provide a number of great outlets for stimulating his or her mind through fun, playful and engaging activities, including field trips, park days and arts and crafts.


The Funshine Summer Express programs are open to all children from pre-K to school age, with activities catering to appropriate ages to maximize your child's experience. Have your child hop on the Funshine Summer Express this summer!

Plan your summer

Beat the summer rush and get your child enrolled for a fun-filled summer at Patterson Schools.

Summer fees:

Registration Fees:

 Pre-K - $75

 School Age - $100


Weekly Tuition Fees:

 Pre-K - $135

 School Age - $125

* Rates subject to change

Accepting summer enrollment

Plan for your child's summer





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